Carol Young
Morgan Jamison
Director of Operations
Pearline Boyce
Director of Administration
Betsy Osborne
Director of Programs
June House
Director of Grants
Daniel Brooks, LCSW
Director of MHLC
Kathy Murphy-Stevenson
Robin Mays
Mental Health Coach, Intern Coordinator
Norma Hoeppner
Schedule Coordinator, CTRI
Gloria Williams
Head Para-Coach, CTRI, Barn Manager
Kassidy Earehart
Recreational Therapist, CTRI In-Training
Margaret Cornwell
Collegiate Coach, CTRI
Lindsey Parvana
Volunteer Coordinator, CTRI
Wendy Kagey
CTRI In-Training
Kathleen Bedrosian
Kayla Shaw
Oliva Pullin
Barn Manager, CTRI In-Training
Karen Anderson
Equine Specialist
Marion Pickering
Equine Specialist
Mary Clarke
Web & Graphic Designer
Deck Hardy
Pastoral Counseling, Intern for Clinical Counseling
Olivia Brooks
Barn Crew
Whitney Cawley
Barn Crew
Ruthie Ward
Barn Crew
William Boylan
Barn Crew
Samantha Parker
Barn Crew

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