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"This class will increase your confidence in the parenting skills you have and give you the opportunity to learn new skills to improve your relationships"

Program description:

This is an 8-week, ground based Coaching Parenting Course.

Each week we cover self assessment and learn specific parenting skills.   Such as: Boundaries,  Age Appropriate Behaviors,  Do they hear what you think you are saying.

We have had great success with parents in learning to establish a better connection with their child and their partner or co parent.  

Please call us for more details or to register: 540-334-5825


"At first, I was a little hesitant, but in time, I realized that I wasn't Super Dad and that there was a lot I was taking in from the class.  The teacher were so educational and professional.  I realized/learned so much about, not only my children, but also about myself and my wife as far as our parenting.

I would say to anyone needing to sharpen up on their parenting to take this class.  I give it 5 stars!"  - R

"Three months ago, I was told that my youngest was showing a lot of signs of Autism.  It devastated me.  I then spoke to Healing Strides, Carol Young and she suggested I try this class before talking by son back for further testing.  It's been 8 weeks and I have a different child.  He has changed so much because of the things I have learned.  So have I!   We both have a long way to go but I wouldn't be halfway to where I am without this class.  Two week ago we went back to the Doctor and I was blessed with a completely different report.  I am grateful for this opportunity!'   Jess W.

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