Healing Strides will mentor you to prepare you for the CTRI or Advanced PATH Int’l Instructor Certification. This is an intensive program that is specific to your personal skill level.  You will have an evaluation of your knowledge with a Certified Mentor to decide where you should start the process. This is a 6 month to 2 year program based on the evaluation. PATH International

Here is an example of one of our Mentee's Part III Teaching Test for their CTRI.

PATH Int'l Credentialing Council recommends the following.

The following considerations should be taken into advisement when viewing this video:

  1. The expectations are not that the rider demonstrates flawless execution of the riding pattern, but rather that the applicant demonstrates polished, correct and timely instruction of the riding skills required to perform the riding pattern.
  2. It is suggested that the applicant instruct an intermediate rider so there are opportunities to instruct corrections of posture/alignment, aids, rhythm in gaits, posting on the diagonal, leads, etc. If the rider is advanced enough to independently perform the riding skills perfectly, the applicant will not have opportunities to demonstrate their breadth of knowledge, skills and abilities in the instruction and communication of riding skills.
  3. Applicants are expected to develop and demonstrate their own style of instruction. This video is being provided strictly as an example of a successful video submission for part III of the CTRI application. Memorization and duplication of the exact instruction provided in this video will be considered plagiarism and grounds for immediate denial of a video submission.
  4. Simply memorizing a script of instructions will not improve your success. Applicants are assessed on in-the-moment instruction and timeliness of feedback. Applicants must be able to instruct, observe the rider’s response to their instruction and then verbalize corrections or confirmations to demonstrate awareness of the effectiveness of their instruction to be successful in meeting the video expectations.
  5. The instructor and rider in this video have consented to the video being provided publicly. Please respect that they have not been asked nor agreed to be contacted directly to provide coaching.

Healing Strides will mentor you to learn and give you practice opportunities for the Eagala Model for both the Mental Health Professional and the Equine Specialist. You can come here prior to your certification or to practice the model after you have been to a training. Eagala

For more information please call 540.334.5825

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