Vision Statement for HSVA Riding Club:  To help riders improve their horsemanship, riding, and leadership skills through mounted and unmounted lessons and develop a sense of community.  

Membership Fee to HSVA Riding Club:$80.00/year (not to be pro-rated)
Cost for Club Saturdays: $75.00 (no makeups offered for club Saturdays) 

Commitment: When riders join the HSVA RidingClub they have the opportunity to commit to the riding club for each session during the year.  There will be 5 sessions per year.  Sessions will include riders weekly mounted lesson(s) and a club mounted/unmounted Saturday lesson once a month.  When arider commits to club for a session(s), they are riding in at least one riding lesson per week and will be committed to the club Saturdays during that session.  Club Saturdays are not pay as you go and we do not offer makeups for those Saturdays.  When a rider commits to club for a session(s),they are responsible for paying for those club Saturdays whether they attend or not.   

Please keep in mind that if a rider is busy with other activities or just needs to take a break from club for a session they may. 

Club Saturdays: This lesson will happen once a month and will give riders the chance to practice their skills in a “team” setting and work on team work, communication, responsibility, leadership, mentoring, and fostering a positive environment.  Riders will also participate in an unmounted portion where the focus will be on health care, nutrition, stable management, and handling of horses correctly and with confidence.      

Our club Saturdays are typically the last weekend of each month and run for 4 hours.  Parents may drop kids off at the barn, we just ask that you pack lunch/snack and water.  The riding lesson they are currently participating in counts as their regular weekly mounted lesson.  They do not need to change from their current instructor.  

Benefits of being an HSVA Riding Club Member:

*Riders will be able to develop their horsemanship skills both on and off the horse.
* Help riders develop positive character traits
* Improve rider’s interpersonal skills& socialization skills
* Riders will have the option to compete in HSVA’s home schooling shows 
*Away shows will be offered at the discretion of the trainer
*Being part of a fun organization and making friends!

For more information, please reach out to Coach Margaret Cornwell –

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