The Athletic Equestrian League is an organization of equestrian athletes who compete in practical horsemanship. The individual competition is offered in English disciplines and has a Minis development division for 1st-3rd graders and competition for 4th-12th graders and adults

Riders in the AEL are judged against a set of standards, both on the flat or in horsemanship and over fences or in patterns, and receive a score on their ride. In addition, each rider does an unmounted practicum, and that score is added to their mounted score. Each rider receives a flat score worth 40 points, a fences or patterns score worth 40 points, and a practicum score worth 20 points, and all three scores are added together for their score for the day.

The HSVA AEL Team finished this past 2022-2023 season as the fifth-place team in the nation with three riders finishing as the national champion in their division.  

HSVA Riders typically compete in 5 regular season competitions throughout the school year and then compete in the national competition in May. Riders do not need to own a horse in order to be on the team or compete.

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