Healing Strides of Virginia has worked with our local veterinarians and Virginia-Maryland Regional College of Veterinary Medicine to rehab horses over the years that were in need of specific medical attention but not hospitalization. Some of these horses we kept here to begin working in our various programs after full recovery and others we found great adaptors for! Overtime, we have built great relationships with several veterinarians at Virginia-MarylandRegional College of Veterinary Medicine and with our local team of veterinarians, allowing our staff has gained knowledge and experience from these relationships, focusing on a team approach. With the guidance of our team of veterinarians, chiropractors, body workers, and trainers we are able to treat and rehab most of our own minor medical injuries/illnesses on our own horses that serve in our programs.

We are always striving for the best care possible for our horses that serve our participants and strive to see the whole horse. Our team at HSVA is highly trained and educated to see the details, we get to know each horse personally so that we can spot any changes before they become big issues. This includes us monitoring and adjusting each of our days according to what the horses needs are to best care for and support the physical, mental, and emotional health of the horses we partner with. This standard of care, management, and proactive action takes a substantial amount of funding and community support to maintain throughout the years for such a large herd. We are always seeking out different types funding through grants, foundations, donors, and other avenues, with our long-term goal of having a fully funded endowment that would support our herd for years to come! If you are interested in making a contribution to our Avery Welfare, Care and Rehab Endowment Fund or to discuss in detail other opportunities to support HSVA and our service to the community, please contact our office at 540.334.5825

Sponsorships of our horses is a way individuals can make a big difference in our horses’ care, so that they can continue serving our community! If you want to get involved by supporting our amazing horses in someway, consider sponsoring one (1) or more of our horses individually! We offer monthly, quarterly, and yearly sponsorship opportunities for each of our equine partners. You can choose a horse that has special meaning/relationship to you or maybe someone special you know works/rides a specific horse and you would like to do a sponsorship in their honor!

If you are interested in setting up a monthly sponsorship, please contact our office at 540.334.5825 to get more details.

$100/month/horse*= the hay they consume that month.
$250/month/horse*= the hay, grain, and supplements that month.
$500/month/horse* = the hay, grain, supplements, farrier, basic vet care, and our barn staff to care for them daily for the month!
*multiply by the number of months you want to sponsor.

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