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WFXR: Healing Strides, Horses for Mental Health partnering to help Commonwealth’s Veterans

BOONES MILL, Va. (WFXR) - Healing Strides and Horses for Mental Health (HMH) announced they are partnering to provide essential services for Veterans and members of the Armed Forces.

Healing Strides of Virginia is an agency started on the idea that horses are compassionate animals and can inspire hope in humans. Their staff has specific training to work with the Commonwealth’s Veterans through participation in the therapeutic riding horsemanship and mental health coaching programs.

Sen. Warner & Kaine announced over $532K for housing in Central, Southwest Va. As one of the 12 programs nationwide selected to partner with HMH for this grant, Healing Strides is poised to make a significant impact on the lives of 18 Veterans. Through an innovated personal growth program involving horses, Healing Strides aims to address symptoms relating to post-traumatic stress, depression, and the challenges of transitioning to civilian life. The agency states horses provide opportunities for healthy connections in a way that feels safe and non-judgmental.

Spending time in nature and with these animals can create a calming and peaceful effect, serving as a foundation for healing and well-being. Engaging with horses can create emotionally safe spaces for Veterans to work through difficult life experiences.

For Veterans interested in participating in this grant-funded program, please reach out to HEALING STRIDES at mhadmin@healingstridesofva.org, (540) 334-5825

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