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Our Volunteer and Staff Team work hard to keep up with all of the manual labor that goes into keeping up with  Stable Management. Hot summer days, the  inches of mud, rain, and the snow and wind, they are out in it year round and we need your help to help them!!  
Will you help us protect the backs of our Volunteer and Staff Team, by supporting "We Gotcha Back"

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Giving Tuesday is an online campaign to benefit nonprofits all over the world. It is
a great opportunity for Healing Strides to connect with generous individuals, like yourself, that share our thoughts of appreciation for the care and welfare of our horse team members. It’s not just about hauling manure, we will have plenty of uses for this vehicle; from helping feed the horses, to running the fence line, making sure the perimeter is safe for our horses.
During this campaign, we will also share  some cool things that have taken place over the year.


This year Giving Tuesday 2021, is on November 30th.
We are raising funds for a
Utility Task Vehicle (UTV) to help save the backs our staff and volunteers.

We Gotcha Back started with a very simple request from our Director of Operations, Morgan
Jamison, for an UTV to help with the back breaking work of hauling manure from
the paddocks and stalls to the manure pit along with other necessary work detail.

Join us in helping fulfill the Barn Team's Dream to save the backs of our selfless volunteers and our hard working barn crew by raising funds for a UTV, 4x4, 2-seater with a diesel engine and hydraulic dump bed. We believe we can buy a used UTV, at auction, for about $7,500 or a brand spanking new one, with all the bells and whistles, for approximately $20,000. Whatever money we do raise, will go towards purchasing this  needed piece of equipment for our much deserved Team. If we exceed expectations and raise more than we need to purchase the UTV, we will use the excess funds to help with daily horse care.

.   We will find so many uses for this equipment!

Can we count on you to have our backs?
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